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LiLian 108
25-Nov 2017 Saturday 1:13 PM (601 days ago)               #1
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I registered a MYR account while travelling abroad. When i asked for banking detail for deposit, they asked my current location and i told them i am overseas.

They then said they are not serving my current location country and i must use a Malaysia IP to access thier Web if i want to play. This means access from other IP are not allowed but somehow i am able to login.

So what will happen if you place bets while traveling?? They have the upper hand on this.
The can void all your bets and come out with all nonsense not to pay out if you are winning and just keep quiet if you losing money.

This is not fair for players as they have the upper hand on this.

Players should avoid this. I think its not worth the RISK.


29-Jan 2018 Monday 6:56 PM (536 days ago)            #2
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Dont play at !

service is bad, cheat customer, respond time is slow! Alot of so called" slightly technical issue which is unavoidable", and yet they are providing excellent service.

Useless Customer service whose job is to push customer away, i guarantee you that after chatting with their customer service you will still be at the same state as before you hit that chat button. THeir job is not to help or service the customer but instead their job is to either play dumb and stupid and push customer away or try to stall as long as possible and then will not respond to you.

play at at your own risk!

There is sure a winner and a loser

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